Mehdi K. Mazaheri M.D., Abdominoplasty Plastic Surgeon
Pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding are very special events in a women's life. Unfortunately, all of these alter the body permanently in most cases. Most women lose breast tissue after breast-feeding. On top of this, the breast skin stretches as well. These two phenomenon lead to "saggy", deflated breast.
In regards to the abdomen, several things are altered there as well. The abdominal skin usually stretches and develops stretch marks. Secondly, the abdominal muscles stretch which gives the abdomen some protuberance. Neither of these factors are usually resolved with working out or going on a diet.
A Mommy Makeover is a surgical procedure that addresses all these issues. Breast implants can be placed in order to add volume to the deflated breast. Some women may also require a breast lift procedure to correct the sag. A tummy tuck will remove the excess skin in the lower abdomen in order to produce a much tighter look. The abdominal muscles are also tightened to give a much flatter contour. Finally, some women may also require some liposuction of the thighs or flanks regions. Dr Mazaheri is highly qualified to successfully perform all of these procedures safely in one day.
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